Our protein powder

High quality protein powder in organic quality

Our protein powders are only made from plants - nothing else will get into our bags! Our proteins are produced fairly in organic quality and do not contain any artificial ingredients, lactose, gluten, soy or genetic manipulation. Above all, they are wonderfully diverse and easy to use: As a quick drink as well as a certain extra in a shake, smoothie or in a colorful vegan smoothie bowl, in muesli, in yogurt or in a salad. Let your creativity run free - for healthy enjoyment!

Each of our vegetable proteins contains all essential amino acids. They are manufactured using the gentle kryonert® process which protects the products and preserves the various valuable protein structures, vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. This is how they differ from any conventional protein product.

LU!kocht made a green smoothie with our sunflower protein.

Check it out here. And if you want to try a Buddha wheat germ fruit bowl, you can find inspiration here.