Our sunflowerHACK

Hack products made from sunflower protein

Our hack products made from sunflower protein are an absolute world first: Meat substitute made from sunflower seeds in organic quality - a real alternative to soy! With our minced sunflower products you can basically cook anything that can also be made with minced meat. The light taste of sunflower seeds gives the dish a delicious nutty note. The hack does not have to be soaked, just moistened with water once. Since the hack consists of 100% sunflower seeds, there are no problems with intolerances.

Quick and easy cuisine - healthy and tasty! We'll show you great vegetarian and vegan recipes that are fun. Our sunflower hack is a real all-rounder!

We have created a suitable blend of spices for our three favorite dishes: our sunflower bolognese, the mushroom pan and chilli sin carne (con Sol). With the pure hack, there are no limits to the imagination.

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