6 x  sunflowerHACK "Mushroom", organic

6 x sunflowerHACK "Mushroom", organic

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  • Value pack: 6 x organic sunflowerHACKwith a delicious mushroom pan spice mix. The vegan & protein-rich alternative to minced meat and soy.
  • Warning: the spice mix is salty. If you want it to be less salty, simply use less spice mixture.
  • Organic quality made from 100% sunflower protein - firm consistency, comparable to minced meat.
  • Gentle processing throughout the entire production process, without the addition of soy, gluten-free - 53.8 g protein per 100 g sunflowerHACK
  • Food in harmony with nature
  • for 4 servings
  • 6 x (76 g organic sunflowerHACK+ 55 g organic "Mushroom" spice mixture)