sunflowerHACK organic - 5 kg family/service pack

sunflowerHACK organic - 5 kg family/service pack

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  • in a 5 kg gastro bag: for up to 263 servings.
  • World novelty:sunflowerFamilyOrganicSunflowerHACK - the vegan & protein-rich alternative to minced meat and soy. Quick preparation e.g. for bolognese, lasagne orstuffed peppers.
  • 53,8g protein per 100g!
  • 100% organic sunflower protein - no added soy, gluten free!

Additional information

Weight 5000 g
Certification Organic according to EG-Öko-Verordnung
Awards EWG 834/2007 standard
Country of origin Germany
Country of origin of the raw materials European Community
Type of packaging Packing
Control number DE-ÖKO-007 (IMO Institute for Market Ecology GmbH)
Ingredients Sunflower mince: 100% organic sunflower protein

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